A Small-Group Strength Training Gym in the South End of Boston.
Delivering Customizable, Challenging, and Effective Fitness Programs.

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1250 Washington St, Boston, MA

We Create The Program

Every month our Personal Trainers work together to create a safe, enjoyable workout for every day of the week.

Help You Customize The Workout

Our instructors help you customize weights, reps, and rest to fit your goal. Providing exercise modifications if needed, so you get a great workout regardless of experience.

You Improve Week Over week.

We repeat the program throughout the month, and track your weights and reps on major lifts, so you fully learn the movements and see yourself progress week over week.

Our Mission:

We want to bring balance back to the fitness industry. We believe that a high quality workout regimen with expert assistance shouldn’t cost thousands of dollars, that a group fitness class shouldn’t push you to your breaking point, and that comradery and accountability is a more effective motivator than competition.

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