What We Do

We offer challenging, intentional workouts that will help you achieve any fitness goal.

Balanced Programs

All of our workouts include aspects of mobility, strength training, and cardio endurance. You’ll move through circuits designed for efficiency, so you maximize results

It’s your 40 seconds

You’ll have 40 seconds of work time for each movement. Perform 10-12 reps at a challenging weight if you want to build, or 15-20 reps if you want to burn.

Custom Results

If you’re building, you’ll finish early and take the rest to get ready for the next set. If you’re burning, work for the whole 40 seconds and get less rest. We designed our work-to-rest ratio to promote your individual goal.

Why Workout With Us?

Expert Programming

Our team of Certified Personal Trainers and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists come together to design each month’s program. This ensures variety, and multiple perspectives are considered – so you’ll never get bored, you’ll always have a plan, and be ready to break through barriers.

Super Compensation

One-off workouts don’t work. While our workouts are different for each day of the week, each week’s workout remains the same throughout the month. So every workout builds on the last, but as soon as you get comfortable we change things up.


Results are realized when we push ourselves to our limits, so we keep rest times short to promote Excess Post Exercises Oxygen Consumption(EPOC). This increases caloric burn for hours after a workout, maximizing results and saving you time.

You’ll Always Know Where You’re At

We offer heart-rate monitors with a visual display shown in real-time during class, so you will be able to see an accurate picture of how hard you’re working.

To supplement the in-person instructors, each exercise station has a TV display in view showing the exercises you should be doing, along with the correct form.

Your results will be emailed to you after the workout so you can see how hard you worked, and you can track your efforts over time from our member portal.